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Borcelle-2.png, Your Medical Marketing Agency was founded by Oran O'Halloran, in 2017, after Oran had found too many marketing agencies were treating medical marketing as any other form of marketing.

Having specialised in Digital Marketing for the medical industry, and now also lecturing in Digital Marketing, Oran felt as though a change must be made in how medical marketing is treated by marketing professionals. 

Ensuring those being marketed to are being treated as patients and not customers is a vital part of who we are and what we do.

With this patient centred focus on our marketing efforts, we ensure your SEO, your Website and your Pay Per Click Campaigns reflect your practice or specialisation with the same care and attention your patients expect from you.

Medical Marketing through seeks to ensure when a PPC for your practice pops up on a potential pages browser, it doesn't shock or offend them, but instead it reassures them.

We ensure when they do a google search for the treatments and services you offer, your site is optimised for the keywords they are using and they are treated respectfully.

When they click onto your website, we ensure your web presence carries the same the professionalisms and care they will receive when they walk through your practices doors.

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Search Engine Optimisation

With thousands of online searches taking place everyday, it can be confusing for your patients and your colleagues to decipher what is right for them.

We not only help them to find the right answer, we place you there to answer it for them

Website Design & Development

The way information can be displayed to your patients is a vital part of them understanding if your medical practice, specialisation or services are what they are looking for. Using the right layouts and design helps to relieve any issues they may have and it is a vital step in your ability to reassure the patient that you offer the best care for what they require.

Pay Per Click &
Ad Campaigns

Deciding where best to place your medical marketing adverts can be tricky as you don't want to be intrusive on your patients.

We specialise in working closely with our clients to ensure not only do we reach the right audience with your budget but that all your marketing efforts are respectful of the patient journey

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